Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A basic security system comprises of a Control module(the Brain) a Keypad to turn the system on and off and diagnose any issues, motion detectors, door and window sensors and a siren. Additional extras can include remotes, a monitoring module that’s alerts you or a monitoring station that the alarm has been triggered, and smoke detectors.

Every house/building is different, an entry level system for a home starts at approx $1200. Contact us for a site visit and a quote.

There are many reasons for this and the system needs to be serviced, we can ascertain what the issue is quickly and rectify the issue.

Modern systems are very good at false alarm immunity and can be adjusted to suit the environment, false alarms are not as common as they were 10-20 years ago. For more information, contact our sales staff.

Closed Circuit Television. This is a video camera surveillance system that will record the area it is looking at, they can be used to observe hard to see areas of the property, remote buildings such as garages or workshops, as well as entry and exit points of the property. Cameras can be installed inside and outside the building with a range of monitoring options available.

Again this is variable, we are aware of a lot of “install it yourself” CCTV camera systems on the market. We only use top quality brands and they are installed professionally with a warranty and local support, and cost approximately $2500 for a 4 channel recorder and 4 outdoor cameras. Contact our sales staff for a site visit and quote.

Yes! We can provide leasing for commercial clients using a partner company. This is very popular for schools, community organisations and similar enterprises. Contact our sales staff for more information.


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Mainland Security Systems Reviews
Ronin International
David Haslett

I have had a very positive personal and professional relationship with Mainland Security over the past decade. I return to Mainland Security because they have a flattened management structure that allows me to consult with management and technicians direct, when necessary, to achieve quality, modular, user-friendly, innovative security systems at a competitive price.

Mainland Security Systems Reviews
Fresh Choice Supermarkets
Neville Brown

Since 2004 Mainland Security Systems have provided us with their electronic security services. Their technical knowledge and quality of service is to a very high standard.

Mainland Security Systems Reviews
Metzger Builders
Mark Metzger

Metzger Builders have consistently engaged Mainland Security since it’s establishment nearly 20 years ago. A family business and one that is based on honesty, integrity and trust as well as state of the art technologies as well. We would never consider engaging any other security company.